Engage Consulting

Project Health Assessment

An evaluation of the current condition of a project is referred to as a project health assessment. This evaluation is conducted with the assistance of an individual or organization external to the project, such as a consultant or consultancy. Assessing problems, dangers, and the likelihood of unfavorable outcomes for managers and other stakeholders is an integral part of the process. 

Timelines, quality controls, budgets, and progress are evaluated by the consultant in relation to the project’s resources, goals, and objectives. The objective is to provide an accurate description of the current state of a project and, if necessary, to put it on a new path toward completion. 

Engage offers superior services to ensure the health and success of your projects through periodic reviews. We offer comprehensive, customized assessment packages that help you identify risks, improve performance and maximize your return on investments. Engage’s highly-trained consultants bring years of experience and direction to your projects.